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didn't realize it at the time but we were actually running out of air. >> how a texas family made it out alive after being buried in 10 feet of snow for almost two days. >> a live look there at san francisco. it's a spare the air day and bone-chilling cold. we'll like a little your area, coming up. [ male announcer ] it's a rule of nature. you don't decide when vegetables reach the peak of perfection. the vegetables do. at green giant, we pick vegetables only when they're perfect. then freeze them fast so they're are as nutritious as fresh. [ green giant ] ho ho ho. ♪ green giant fantastic! pro-gresso ] they fit! okay-y... okay??? i've been eating progresso and now my favorite old okay is there a woman i can talk to? [ male announcer ] progresso. 40 soups 100 calories or less. >>> look at. that those icy roads making it difficult for drivers to get around in el paso, texas. cars are slipping and sliding all over the roadways. one driver couldn't even make it up a hill. that area is being hit with heavy snow and some cold temperatures. crews are working around the cl
at an occupy camp site at the university of north texas. the body was discovered yesterday by members of the school's police department. university spokesman says no one else was at the encampment when police arrived. the man's identity has not been revealed and an autopsy is being scheduled. >>> the city ofays palo alto is cleaning up a dump. tomorrow the city will break ground on the project that includes creating a nature park. it will also lane up the soil which currently contains toxins such as mercury and arsenic. >>> this morning two families are living in temporary housing after a duplex fire in oakland. it happened around 5:20 last night on the 9300 block of walnut street. the fire started outside and quickly spread right through the two unit complex. firefighters put the flames out in minutes. no one was inside at the time of the fire. the two families will be in a nearby motel for the rest of the weekend. the cause of the fire has not been determined. >>> oakland police are investigating a shooting that sent one person to the hospital. it happened at 6:00 last night. one pe
. that one is giving much-neefded rain it -- to texas, colorado and new mexico. smaller system will drop in on thursday. if you have travel plans to the sierra, it could be cold and windy. nothing out in the valley. mild visibility at fresno. it could be a lot worse. clouds in the porning -- morning. north wind beginning to pick up some of the higher elevations. temperatures will be in the 50s. low, mid, i don't think upper 50. maybe 58 or 59. but more likely tomorrow. colder lows as we lose a lot of these clouds. we'll carry that into wednesday. another strong cold system drops into the east of us on thursday. that just means more wind for us. as things calm down and it warms up, maybe some mid-60s. >>> 7:42. anonymous strikes again. the new threat mr. the -- the threat. >>> and why a saudi prince with bay area ties is investing $300 million in twitter. keurig has a wide variety of gourmet coffee and tea to choose from. keurig is the way to brew fresh, delicious coffee in under a minute. way to brew. so with keurig, every cup tastes like it's brewed just for you. because it is. >>> u.s.
in on republican demand to quickly decide on whether to bill an oil pipeline from canada to texas. >> it is my expectation in fact it would be inexcusable for congress not to further extend this middle class tax cut for the rest of the year. >> the spending bill includes day-to-day budgets for ten cabinet departments. it gives the pentagon a small increase. >>> california senator barbara boxer joined the president in supporting a yearlong extension of the payroll tax cut paid for by a new tax on wealthy meshes. she said quote we should extend these priorities by asking millionaires and billionaires to pay their fair share because those offsets won't dampen economic growth. >>> a new poll shows growing discontent with president obama. the associated press poll shows 52% of adults say the president should be voted out of office. when he was matched against the two republican front runners. mr. obama had a 1% lead over mitt romney and 9% lead over newt gingrich. >>> a historic peninsula post office could soon be up for sale. the building located on hamilton avenue will be sold as a nation-wide ef
is ral. >> the texas congressman is expected to campaign in the state later this week. >>> a san mateo assemblyman is holding his annual contest that could end in a new law for california. it's the fourth year for jerry hill's ought to be a law contest. constituents on the peninsula are expected to submit their idea about what they think should be a law in this case. the winner will get to testify in court of -- support of their law on state -- in the state capitol. more information can be found at for a link to hill's website. >>> did you get everything you wanted from santa? perhaps that gift shirt is a little bit too big or not your style or you just want to release -- exchange those gifts. allie rasmus is live with more. i know you already have your ten-dollar coupon. >> reporter: that's right. there was a line at the h & m store at the top of the hour. we'll explain what that was it -- we will explain what that was about. this is the h & m store. there's quite a few customers in hee. let's show you what it looked like at the top of the hour when there was a line of about
oil from western canada to texas. >>> in his weekly address, president obama praised u.s. troops returning from iraq. >> we are all part of something bigger, that we are one nation and one people, and for all our challenges they remain us that there's nothing we can't do when we stick together. >> the president marked the end of the iraq war this week by meeting with service members on the fort bragg. the last troops will pull out of iraq by december 31st. he says the nation needs to enlist service members returning home in the rebuilding of the american economy. >>> good morning to you! a quiet weather weekend. it's going to be dry and cool. breeze in some areas, and because of it some of us waking up a lot warmer than other spots. take a look at the state here. you can see southern california still seeing some rain out there. and even the san diego mountains picking up some snow in the last day or two. we've got a light breeze around sfo, san jose, fairfield, but notice it's coming in from the north and southeast. that offshore breeze blowing in a little bit of fog from areas i
. >>> as republican candidates continue their push in, texas governor is making headlines by shift his views on -- shifting his view ons -- his views on abortion. >> reporter: we are bringing in feeds of the candidate's speech. here's texas's governor rick perry in irwindale. he's trying to appeal to voters, that he opposes abortion. inle now, perry said he supported abortion in certain cases but said he saved his -- changed his mind about seeing a document mentry about a week '. he's also talking about his record on the campaign trail. >> and finally, the unborn children, including signing -- [ applause ] >> while the race is getting nastier, mitt romney is carrying newt gingrich's campaign to lucille ball and the chocolate factory. and why romney seeps to be getting a -- seems to be getting a boost in iowa. that will come in my next hour. back to you. >>> the republican candidates have set a record in campaign spending so so -- spending so far. >>> nebraska senator ben nelson will not one for reelection next year. he won his first term back in bow. he was -- back in two. he was facing a t
their homes, including several uc berkeley students. >>> this morning texas supervisors are expected to consider a proposal to turn over the sharp golf course to the federal government. the virlal group -- environmental group say this will pay taxpayers money and protected the guarder snake and red frog. opponents say they can protect the environment while still maintaining the interest of low income golfers who rely on the public course. >>> 8:07. the morning commute has been horrible for a lot of people, especially around the bay bridge. hey, sal, any better news. it's a little bit better, dave. yeah, horrible is the one that comes to mind. that's the one we can say on television? , right? it's terrible. as charles backly would say, it's terrible -- barkley would say, it is terrible. traffic is at at -- is at at a standstill -- standstill. it's a little bit windy and breezy. 237 is slow getting into the santa clara valley. 880 northbound and southbound that traffic is moving along slowly. not all that bad. there's some slow traffic getting there. and this morning at the bay bridge,
in iowa. the texas congressman is set to hit the campaign trail there again today. >>> time now 7:48. well, amy's kitchen is delaying plans to open a new east coast facility. the organic frozen food producer planned to open a new plant in south carolina early next year. now the company says the plant won't be opening for a few more years. in the meantime, they plan to focus an their existingen plants. >>> today a big day for roundtable pizza. it is expected to emerge from bankruptcy today. delay close down 22 restaurants, but will save some jobs. >>> the wendy's hamburger chain is poised to take a big step in the fast-food world. wendy's north american sales are expected to top burger king's sometime next month, and that's despite having nearly 1800 fewer restaurants than burger king mccormick is still the giant -- mcdonald's is still the giant in the business. >>> veteran philadelphia sports writer bill conlin is being accused of child abuse. three women and a man have come forward alleging that conlin molested them as children in the 1970s. one of those girls was his niece. he is a hall
four weeks away, and the g.o.p. candidates for president are busy meeting with voters. texas congressman ron paul held a town hall meeting yesterday in mason city. that's where he stuck to his familiar libertarian themes, calling some government spending and programs unconstitutional. >> take, for instance, the constitution, don't you think it would be a good idea if we went back and obeyed the constitution? >> rights now polls show paul in the top three among the republican field in iowa. other g.o.p. candidates busy campaigning in that state this weekends, including mitt romney, michele bachmann and rick santorum. >>> texas governor rick perry also in iowa where he made another campaign gaff. he met yesterday with the editorial bothered of the des moines register newspaper. during the meeting he told the board there are eight supreme court justices, not nine. he also couldn't remember the name of justice sonia sotomayor. after a gaff in november when he couldn't remember one of the three federal agencies he wants to eliminate. >>> just days after receiving a 14-year prison
in the northern part of the country and it's the same drought that droid out texas this year. farmers say they have lost more than 2 million acres of crops due to the dry conditions. and more than a million farm animals are dying. the government is truck income water to the affected areas, and it's providing food and jobs to farmers who lost al of their crops. >>> and in germany, a world war ii era bomb found in the ryne river is now set to be defused tomorrow. the 1.8-ton bomb is believed to be from the british military and never exploded during the war. as a result, 45,000 nearby residents are now being forced to temporarily evacuate their homes. >>> same-sex marriage vote at the labor party conference reverses the party's longstanding position. but the vote does not mean by marriage will be legalized in australia. >>> state lawmakers just drossed a proposal that prevents of deportation of nearly a million ill local immigrants. the california act needs a half million voters' six to qualify for the ballot. the initiative would apply to undocumented immigrants who have lived in california
as steven paul clark, from oakland. he is registered as a sex offender in texas. we're still gathering information about the attack. he is suspected of in contra costa county, considered armed and dangerous. >>> a flag lowering ceremony in baghdad this morning marked the end of the u.s. military mission in iraq. speaking at the ceremony, defense secretary leon panetta said the sacrifice of u.s. troops has not been in vain. coming up at 7:15, ktvu's pam cook will show us how some iraqis are reacting. >>> a court hearing this morning at 8:30 for two suspects charged with a brutal beating of san francisco giants fan bryan stow. marvin norwood and louis sanchez are a accused of attacking stowe on march 31st. both men have pleaded not guilty to the charges and are being held without bail. a date for a preliminary hearing is expected to be set during this morning's proceedings. meantime, stowe is continuing therapy as he recovers from severe head injuries. >>> reports this morning that cases of rent fraud here in the bay area are on the rise, with scammers out there renting out houses they d
mexico, colorado, moving into the texas panhandle. about 90 miles to the east roads were closed. >>> another ceremony marking the end of the war in iraq will take place today. president obama and vice president biden will welcome the troops home in maryland. today's ceremony comes after fort bragg, north carolina. the end of the u.s. involvement in iraq, nine years after the conflict started in 2003. >>> many veterans returning home from iraq will have a new bat toll fight. the unemployment rate for veterans has averaged 30% this year. it's more than twice the unemployment of others. on average, the rate for older veterans are slightly better. many people enlist straight out of high school and don't have a lot of work experience outside of the military. >> i want to be a firefighter really bad. i applied all over. it's expect tive -- competitive. >>> this morning the u.s. house is expected to reject a compromise bill that would have temporary put an extension. carol han has more. carol? >> reporter: dave, i'm gonna take you straight to the political battleground, also known as t
. dives down to the middle of the country. really cold air all the way down into texas. temperatures cold not only here but many other places as well. for us, the cold start areas of frost. mostly sunny, light wind. but it's kind of a cool day. 50s on the temperatures. they are very, very short. with this cold air in place it's tough to budge unless you get a very strong north- northeast wind. things are calmer today. we'll take that into thursday and friday. maybe a little lower in the overnight lows. maybe some more wind next monday or tuesday. >>> thank you. fighting childhood obesity with a tax? the controversial plan being considered by a bay area city. >>> and a lot more than just cash is found in some salvation army donation budgets. budget -- buckets [ screaming ] [ zapping ] there goes dwayne's car. oh, man. there goes dwayne's house. whoa! whoa! and there goes dwayne. man, that thing does not like dwayne. [ male announcer ] state farm's got you covered. nice landing. it was. [ male announcer ] get to a better state. >>> u.s. stocks falling in early trading today as differences e
will be at a south texas middle school today after two students were shot and deer hunters may be responsibility. this happened last night during school basketball tryouts. three deer hunters are being questioned. police won't say yet if this shooting appears to be accidental or if it was intentional. >>> it is 7:47. tonight, east palo alto city council will discuss the effect of facebook's proposed expansion. facebook hopes to one way accommodate 9400 workers on bay front expressway. that's expected to impact neighboring east of palo alto. a report was released earlier this year that raises concerns about a potential hows crunch and pollution from increased traffic. >>> right now an online auction is underway to sell off items now belonging to the solyndra company. laptop stations, and tools are among the items. originally solyndra tried to find a buyer to take over the company and turn it around but no serious buyers took interest so the company's haves -- interests are being auctioned off. >>> some items that once belocked to legendary movie star elizabeth taylor will be auctioned. pieces of
in the same mobile home park as the man. police is not said how the little girl died. >>> police in texas have released new information about a holiday tragedy that left seven people dead. police near fort worth say a man dressed in a santa claus suit fatalitily shot six relative on christmas day and then turned the gun on himself. police say the gunman showed up shortly before the shooting when the family was opening christmas presents. four women, one man and a teenager were killed before the gunman took his own life. >>> north korea is preparing to hold kim jong-il's funeral. his body is expected to be driven through pyongyang. people are still lining up to pay their respects to their deceased leader. he died on december 17th. his son, come jong-un, is the new leader of north korea. >>> the president of yemen can come to the united states for treatment. he could go to a new york hospital later this week. he's recovering from a bomb blast that almost killed him lack in june. the white house has been concerned it would be criticized for providing a safe haven for an arab leader accused of kil
of entering home. now, the former president lives in texas and his support is nubbing -- nubbing-- smudging his campaign. >>> john edward wants to postpone his upcoming trial. the trial is due to begin january 30s -- january 30th. >>> officials with the 49, say they are pleased with their new crackdown on fan violence despite altercation at mid's name -- game. three stylers fans -- the game. the man says three steeler fans beat him up. the team instituted tougher tailgating rules after fan violence at a preseason game against the raiders. >>> barry bonds is in the process of fulfilling his conviction convictions -- his convictions. bonds is asking the 9th circuit court of appeals to throw out his conviction. last month, a judge sentenced bonds to 30 days of house arrest, two years' probation and a $4,000 fine. the start of the location has been delayed until ponds finishes her appeal. >>> a mother in san francisco thanked her whom a da tash thanked her mom and -- thank her mom -- thanked her mom. >> you do something nice for somebody, it just comes back. >> the owner of the car who does not
victor. >> he is in the army and stationed in texas. he lives in los angeles county. the happy new parents are set to tie the knot on christmas day. >>> milwaukee animal center is set to get extra chance. >> this is daniel, a famous resident of the animal center. most cats have 18 toes. he has 26. two extra toes per paw. and it is bringing in much needed money to save the center. >> we have received donations from 44 states and four countries. we have heard from people from new york to california. greece, quebec. they sent in donations and made it possible for the center to moved to a better location and the donations are for $26. one dollar for each of daniel's toes. so far, he has brought in $30,000 in the last eight days alone. owners say. that is about a quarter of the annual budget. >> all right. time now is 7:56. we will head over to rosemary and there is a chilly morning for us. >> good morning to you. >> not as cold as we have been. and it is thanks to the clouds outside. >> partly to mostly cloudy skies. patchy fog and sitting in the 40s this morning. live look there and l
, there would be kiosks in west texas. allowing peel to scan their -- people to scan theirismmy gration documents. critics, though, say the unmanned keyes will promote -- kiosk will promote as well. >> reporter: president obama in the white house with this president. these pictures just into our washington noom. the two men talking about the future of the security of iraq. the 6,000 remaining u.s. troops scheduled to be withdrawn by new year's eve by the u.s. which leaves the new iraqi government and the still developing iraqi country to deal with the threat of iran, too. the u.s. military will leave behind a small team only to help them. >> this is not a divorce. it may feel that way. but we'll be imwedded -- embedded with them as trainers. >> reporter: live in washington, scott macfarlane, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you, scott. >>> tune in tonight at 9:00 for a ktvu special out of iraq -- "help on the homefront" hosted by julie haener. we take a look at the challenges facing screarts once they come home. that's tonight at 9:00 right here on channel 2. >>> a chinese fishing boat cap
of your texas -- of course, they r some of your folks are not here. who do i have here? [ cheers ] >> reporter: rock it out, girls! >> why do you like josh so much? >> he's from our hometown. >> other than that? we're celebrating his ability perform. >> how did you think he did last night? >> i thought i did absolutely phenomenal. >> this is a young lady who saw it -- young lady who saw it and you got back in line to see it? >> i'm really hoping we can get in. i came all the way from ohio. this gentleman here, is from santa cruz. you are obviously a chris renee fan. you thought he rocked it out. >> he totally did. he totally rocked it. >> reporter: yeah, yeah. and you were here last night and are hoeing you will get in again -- are hoping to get in -- what is it about melanie that you line -- that you like. >> she has a strong voice. really powerful. >> reporter: you are really passioned about that. >> her voice like is efwy where -- every where. it's clear. 8:00 tonight is when this will take place. the results. you know -- it's all up for grabs. all three spectacular last night
out this morning shows the former massachusetts governor mitt romney and texas congressman ron paul are running neck and neck lead into next week's iowa caucuses. as allison burns reports from washington, d.c., another high- profile candidate is falling fast. allison. >> reporter: let's get right to the results of this week's poll of iowa's likely caucus-goers. 23% of them say they support mitt romney. 21% for lawn paul, 15% for rick santorum. 14% for rick perry. 13% for newt gingrich. and 6% for michele bachmann. it is a dramatic fall to 5th place for newt gingrich. here's his campaign stop this morning in wauconda, iowa. he expressed frustration about the race and said he had a good life with his wife and would not be running if he didn't think the country was in real truck. >> i have been beaten up i day in the media and negative ads, [not understandable] and paid for by people in this country i will endure that for that's kids. >> about an hour ago, in des moines, former massachusetts governor mitt romney campaigned with popular new jersey governor chris christie, their first ev
're looking at one hour delays until 3:00 this afternoon. they've also got some fog in texas and other parts of the u.s. that isn't helping the situation. right now this is a look at how the fog is rolled into contra costa county. this is highway 4 near pittsburg. the carquinez and bridges under a heavy fog advisory this morning. alsond a fog advisory the richmond-san rafael bridge, which can't even see here. and the bay bridge as well. up next we have a look at the maps with a decouple hot spots in the south bay. this is in milpitas and just disabled vehicle on the side of the road 880 northbound at dixon landing road. and a hazard here, 101 southbound north 13th street, some debris in the roadway. then a accident where a car rear-ended a semi-truck. it went off the side of the road, flipped over. we had an ambulance having to respond. it's still in the ditch off the side of the roadway there. so hopefully crews will get it cleaned up pretty soon. all right. let's head over to steve. >> very good morning. we have a lot of low clouds around, fog. wasn't too much earlier this morning, but now
Search Results 0 to 21 of about 22